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“Softbrake for Comfort, Safety, and Style“

Proudly Made in America - Family Owned and Operated.

“This stuff is Absolutley Gorgeous - It’s beautiful Chrome, made in the United States…“

~ Chris Picco, SpeedFreakTV.com

Proudly Made in America - Family Owned and Operated.

SoftBrake For Comfort

There’s no reason to sacrifice comfort for style. Softbrake Levers for Brakes and Shifters ensure that long rides are comfortable and easy and not at the expense of style. Your bike will ride better and look great.

SoftBrake For Safety

There’s no question that Softbrake products make your ride safer. Engineered to be ergonimically superior to the factory standard, they are more responsive, and reduce fatique. This is particularly true during long road trips.

SoftBrake For Style

Whether you order your part in Chrome Powder Coat or Anodized Black, these American made babies are built to last and look great doing it. We have styles available to match any model, any year and every attitude.

If you only make one customization to your ride, make it a SoftBrake.

Debbie..just wanted you to know I received and installed the brake and shifter levers… They are awesome..!!!!
My son will be ordering soon, as well as a few guys at work… I’m spreading the good news about your products.. Jesse
Jesse Krewson

Purchased your SoftBrake at the bike EXPO in Phoenix. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with your xtra low lever. After trying two other manufacturers, your xtra low lever finally puts the brake pad where I want it. Not only does this give my foot more room and ease in braking, but it also soves my exhaust pipe problem and my highway peg problem. Thanks again. BA
Randy (Doc)

I got the reduced reach clutch lever for a 2017 FLHTP. The clutch on the 2017 touring bikes have the friction zone way out near the end if the lever travel causing hand fatigue when extended use in the friction. The new lever brings it in about an inch closer to the handgrip to a much more desirable position for the left hand. Very pleased with this product!!! If you ride cone patterns, this lever will make it much easier. Highly recommended!!
Ken Grant

Made in America • Family Owned • Guaranteed Craftsmanship

If we don’t stock it – that doesn’t mean we can’t make you one.

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Email: Info@SoftBrake.com

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