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Soft Brake
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 by hank zech

My hand is small 4 ½ to 5 inch at most from palm grep to finger tip. Which made it difficult when I got the tri-glide with the hydraulic clutch, being use to a cabled clutch to get a consistent release point, which I found was past the point of my finger tips, especially making turns. Doing the research, you know the YouTube thing I came across SoftBracke and thought skeptical of social media I purchase the hand levers. Kudos SoftBrack from a highly satisfied consumer.

Thank You Hank for the review. Glad that you now enjoy your bike.Ride Safe

 by Cynthia Schumacher

After 40 years with a cable clutch I was lost trying to get comfortable with a hydraulic clutch...This Lever made a world of difference to me!

Thank you Cynthia for the review.Ride Safe

 by Jay
Game changer

I just received and installed the reduced-reach clutch & brake lever.
Now this is how Harley should have these straight from the factory.
I felt the difference right away even with different riding gloves on.
I’m not in an awkward hand position grabbing the clutch lever. Now I gotta re-learn my front brake pressure so I don’t lock it up hard when needed.
I will definitely pass the word along to my buddies about your products.

Thank you Jay for the review.Ride Safe

 by Mark Thomason

I am very pleased at the difference this makes to my 2018 Hydraulic clutch feel and how much easier it is to operate at slow speed maneuvers. The brake side is ok but probably wouldn't have replaced it if I had to doit over again. The pull on the brake lever is much longer than the oem lever so not sure I like that part of it. I was a little disappointed with the exchange levers I recieved. They were quite used, and needed a good cleaning before I installed them on my bike. They no longer package these individually on a card shrink wrapped like the website shows they just dropped them in a plastic bag in the priority mailer so here you go. The company makes a big deal out of sending your levers back and how they want them packaged so they don't get damaged so I was kind of surprised when I opened the mailer up and saw that they were just put in a non sealed bag inside the post office envelope. My levers I sent back are like new so whoever ends up with them will be extremely pleased. Had I know the condition I received them in I would have requested my own levers back after they bent them.

Mark, I am really sorry about the levers you received. We do still skin pack them, but it could have been that they were just busy and wanted to get the orders out. We will make sure we double check all out going levers to make sure they are up to standards for our customers. I appreciate your feedback, and will pass along the information.

 by Dedrick
Awesome product

After speaking with Rick ordered the + 1 W rear brake pedal and after installation the ease of applying rear brake was effortless also have extra room on floor board now that the stock pedal wasn’t restricting my foot

Thank you for the review.Ride Safe !

 by Greg Bryant
Game changer!

I installed a Softbrake +1 brake pedal on my 2019 Electra Glide back in September with great results. I just installed the reduced reach clutch lever and it's a whole new ballgame! My only regret is not doing them both at the same time. Wonderful product!

Thank you for the review.Ride Safe

 by Greg Hefner
You just don't find products this good!

When I say the clutch lever and brake pedal are good, I really mean excellent!! I can now feather the clutch like a cable clutch, and the extra room the extended brake pedal gives is great to help stretch your leg to a just right position. Also, your reaction time to hit the rear brake is probably less than half the time it normally takes you to get on the rear brake. Just can't say enough good stuff about these products and the quality is top notch, you won't find better anywhere. Give these a try, you know you deserve it!

Thak you Greg for the feedback. Ride Safe !!

 by Jose Mendez
I was skeptical.

I was skeptical that a inch in difference in the lever would make a difference as it really wa'snt adjusting the clucth. I still decided to purchase, and woa!! Night and day difference. Its amazing that now I can feather the clutch nicely in a full left or right turn.
The stock clutch lever was at my last knuckles( finger tips) and now friction zone is around the second knuckle. The brake foot pedal is a more natural position and I no longer have to lift my leg to hit the brake.

Shipping was super fast .

Thank you RIck,

Thank you Jose for taking the time to review our product. Ride Safe !!!

 by Steven Richards
Excellent Quality & Customer Service

I was amazed at what a the difference a reduced clutch, brake lever and extended brake lever SoftBrake made on my 2021 Harley Davidson Tri Glide. Look no further then SoftBrake for the perfect custom parts for your ride.

Thank You Steven for your review. Ride Safe !!!

 by George Gee
Great Product

I ordered the extended brake pedal, floor board spacer, shift peg extender, and loaded shift rod spacer. All items arrived quickly and in great condition. The new brake pedal makes riding at slow speeds so much easier. The shift peg extender makes shifting easier for me and the other items helped make the bike look more finished. I called to place my order and they were very helpful with getting the correct items for my 2022 Road Glide Limited.


Thank You George for the review. Ride Safe !!

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