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Soft Brake
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by Andy Colon on Soft Brake
clutch lever

4 August 2020 Installed the lever three days ago on my 2020 Ultra Limited and what a world of difference it has made. I can engaged much quicker and I have noticed that my slow speed maneuvers have improved. Most significant, I have also notice that my bike takes off quicker from a stop especially important when at stop signs an lights. I would highly recommend this product. Am thinking of getting a front brake lever and possibly a rear brake lever.

by Dave Swanson on Soft Brake
Why did I wait 6 years

I just recently installed a Soft Brake clutch lever and rear brake extended lever on my 2014 Harley Limited. Both are an excellent improvement over stock. My only question now is, why did I wait 6 years!! Very happy with this purchase!

by cindy & john kasper on Soft Brake
so impressed

had an issue with the friction zone on our 2018 Roadking Special and searched youtube for an answer , found a video from the Motorman about Softbrake levers and went to the website, and decided to order and I'm glad I did , the aesthetic difference is so unnoticeable but the way it functions is dramatic, everything Rick said it would do it does , thanks for a product that does what it's supposed to do , thanks Rick and Softbrake for a great product

by Mark DeShong on Soft Brake

These levers are a god send!! Could not be more pleased with them. Flawless finish!!! I will be ordering the rear brake lever in the next few days. Fantastic product, and amazing people to work with.

by Steven Waller on Soft Brake
Love my clutch

Ordered two clutch levers ( 1 each for me and my girlfriend) and the rear brake pedal.
Wow ! Shipping was fast . I had mine around two days.
I quickly installed the products on my 2019 road glide.
Clutch release ( friction zone) was greatly improved. More like any other normal motorcycle clutch.
Brake pedal was a fairly easy install. I watched Richards you tube video.
First impression on the brake pedal was “cool it’s lower and nice on the ankle”
After three trips to work riding my bike I noticed how much more control I have on the rear brake.
Hey Harley Davidson I hope you read these reviews.
Learn how to make your motorcycles more user friendly. Maybe improving your sales.
Btw almost forgot. My girlfriend really likes her clutch on her 2018 limited now with the new handle.

by Mark on Soft Brake
Absolutely amazing!!!!

I purchased these fantastic levers after seeing a YouTube video about them. They are absolutely amazing. This is a must have for any Harley with a stock hydraulic clutch. Moves the friction zone closer for reduced hand fatigue. Incredible product.

by Scott B on Soft Brake

2019 Road Glide Special clutch engagement sucked. Installed Soft Brake lever and absolute perfection!!!!!!! The lever is actually worth 1000 dollars.

Thanks guys great product!

by Raymond Mcdonough on Soft Brake
Every bike should have this

Went riding today with the wife we did about a 300mi day got home and my brake pedal came in
So we had dinner then I went out to the garage and installed it took about 20min with basic hand tools and the difference is unreal i absolutely love it I'll be ordering more from your business the shipping was fast product is very high end.worth every cent. Follow the instructions on the u tube video and you can't go wrong thanx again.

by Ken R. on Soft Brake
Extended shifter and extended brake lever

Seriously the best thing ive ever done to my 08' Street Glide. Im 6'5" and added the +2.5" extended toe shifter and eliminated the heel shifter. Then i also added the +2" brake lever and my world has changed. Now i feel like im on a recliner shifting and braking. These products literally make it so much more comfortable and safe. Thanks!!!!

by Jim Benefiel on Soft Brake
You should get these

I ordered the the clutch, front brake and +1 back brake lever. I just ordered the hand brake and clutch lever at first and Rick called me and explained to me the benefits of the back brake lever. What a difference! I never realized the reach on a stock lever had until I put these on. Easy installation and the little things make a big difference. Love em!

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