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Soft Brake
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by Donnie on Soft Brake
OMG!! What a GREAT product!!!

I am beyond pleased with my new clutch lever and hand brake on my 2018 Harley Street Glide!! I feel so much more in control now, I would have never believed it until I went out on a limb and made the purchase. Now I'm a believer and a supporter and I am telling everyone that I know that rides about these. I too will be adding the foot brake in the near future!!! If you are on the fence, make the move and buy it!! You will not regret it!!! Even if you have regular sized hands with no aches, pains, or issues...The extra control you have is well worth the price!

by Joshua on Soft Brake
Best purchase so far!!!

I want to start off by saying I’m 6’7”, 300lbs. I first bought the tall boy floor board relocation kit ( ) which moved my boards 1/2” out, 2” forward and 2” down. What a huge difference this made in the comfort level while riding my 2020 Road Glide Special. I was nervous about the typical Kuryakun extended brake lever not being long enough and still having an uncomfortable foot angle when hitting the brake (I actually bought it and returned it as soon as I saw it in person). I was told about the soft brake items...and what a difference it made.

I bought the 3” extended brake lever and the 2.5” extended shift lever. First off, the quality is amazing! Second, the amount of room I have on my floor board is incredible. I highly recommend this for any tall riders wanting a little more room. Not sure if anyone else gets hip pain with the stock set up, but after these new parts were put on, the pain while riding disappeared.

I have never worked on bikes before, but with Rick’s video, I was able to do it in less than a half hour. Very easy to do with basic tools. Don’t let Harley rip you off!! Watch the video and buy these parts!! Worth every penny!

On a customer service level...Rick and Debbie were awesome to work with!! Parts came quickly and in perfect condition! Thank you to both!

More than 5 stars in my book!

by chris connor on Soft Brake
ya goota get these !!!

I have normal sized hands but also arthritis and a badly crushed right hand from a previous cage encounter. I've seen this product many time's before and read all the review's, but until you get them and use them .... seriously you don't know what you're missing !!!! makes life so much easier and painless !!!! brought to you by a regular guy "down the street" in his backyard , doesn't get much better than that ! p.s. saving my $ for the rear brake pedal now !

by Harold Cummings Dr on Soft Brake
So glad that i check them out love it it wasnt hard to install

Love the break paddle no more liftting my leg
Just so much easyer to break an so easy to install
U cant go worng with these guy they call me to
Make sure that i got the right part for my Ulra
Limmted will deff buy from them agin

by Bruce Arrowsmith Canada on Soft Brake
Hydrolic clutch lever

Rick, I just installed the reduced reach hydrolic clutch lever on my 2019 SG and 5 stars don't do it justice. This one small item has eliminated every issue I've had with the stock Harley hydrolic clutch. It now feels like a well adjusted cable clutch engaging smoothly right in the sweet spot. I'm now able to feather it properly right off the grip and no more low speed control or performance problems not to mention faster, smoother shifting. It's a fantastic product and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a Harley hydrolic clutch. Harley Engineers should wake up.

by Ron Diamond on Soft Brake
Thank You

Thank You

by Paul on Soft Brake
Clutch/Brake Levers

Dear Rick and Debbie, Just picked up my bike from a 5k service & I had the levers installed. I love these levers! Thanks for the fantastic product. I'll be in touch soon for the extended foot brake pedal!. Sincerely

by Doug Doak on Soft Brake
Clutch Lever

Thanks Rick. It was good talking with you. The clutch lever worked great.

by Andy Colon on Soft Brake
Clutch Lever

I placed your part on my Electra Limited (2020) 2 days ago and am very pleased with it performance. From the very first ride I knew that this product would make a difference in my riding. Again, thanks and the lever works as advertised, perhaps better. "I saw this product on "The Motor Man".

by Carol Stiuka on Soft Brake
Clutch Lever

Dear Rick, What a difference!! Using the reduced reach clutch is like riding a completely different bike. I don't have to strain to pull in the lever and because I'm using more than just my fingertips, the pull feels looser as well! Worth it at twice the price. Thank You

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