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Soft Brake
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by Andreas Rau - Germany on Soft Brake
Thank You

Thanks for the reliable delivery to Germany.
A wonderful Tombstone Taillight Chrome for my Deluxe.
Thank you

by Terry on Soft Brake

Install the reduced reach clutch lever today. Definitely the best 49 dollars you can spend. Makes the hyd clutch on my Trike fill 100% better. Clutch in gauges a whole lot quicker now.

by Joe on Soft Brake

I just received my clutch lever today for my 2015 Ultra Classic and tested it. . I was hesitant at first but after speaking with Rick I bought one and so glad I did. Easy to install, works great, starts in gear and shifting is so more easier plus I like it’s a Harley lever. Rick and Debbie are just great people and always willing to help you. Don’t hesitate, buy one! Thank you Rick and Debbie.

by Jorge Toledo on Soft Brake
Amazing Levers

1st of all the Customer Service is 2nd to none. Richard and Debbie (The Owners) are whom I dealt with. I placed the order for the 1" SB Clutch and Brake Levers. Even though the website clearly states these are EXCHANGE and the CORE needs to be returned to avoid being charged a $45 fee per core, they called me the next day to confirm I was aware of what this meant so there was no confusion or misunderstanding. The item was shipped out in 24 hours and I received it within 72 hours of placing the order. Installation is a cinch. 5 minutes for the clutch lever and 15 minutes for the brake lever. The repositioned ergonomic reach on the levers makes slow maneuver clutching, so much better. The closer reach on the brake lever is also an amazing improvement. Don't think twice about getting these if you feel your reach to the levers is too far. I put on a 2019 H.D. CVO Road Glide! Thanks, Deb & Rick!!

by Jim Hawthorne on Soft Brake
Extended Brake is Awesome


Had a 2013 FLHX that came with an extended brake pedal. Just upgraded to a 2021 FLHXS and was shocked that it had the normal brake pedal. Just installed the "super extended" in Gloss black (matches my Blacked out FLHXS....... it provides even more room than I expected!

It was reasonably easy to install..... instructions were accurate.

Cant wait to ride it tomorrow, I know it will be perfect!


Jim from Northern NJ

by Tracy Knueven on Soft Brake
Works amazing!

I tried to bend my stock clutch lever but found my bike wouldn’t start in gear…only neutral and shifting was harder so I got a softbrake lever and voila, starts in neutral and shifts easier! Install was literally 2 minutes. Thank you!

by Eric North on Soft Brake
Extended Brake Lever

Wow!!! what a difference in braking now, it's amazing and I would highly recommend it. I've been riding for years now and had injured my Achilles while back, needless to say the rear brake was a struggle for me, but after installing the SoftBrake lever no more pain. It only takes a few minutes to install and well worth the dollars. Just ordered my 2nd one now for my wife's bike. Thanks again the Softbrake!!!

by Paul on Soft Brake
Very Nice!!

Installed the Soft Brake Clutch lever on my 2017 Ultra Limited with the hydraulic clutch. A noticeable difference in the clutch engagement point. These levers are worth every penny. Thanks to Soft Brake for making Harley's miserable hydraulic clutch less annoying.

by David Davis on Soft Brake
Just like my other bikes now

After buying a 2017 Harley Tri Glide Ultra Classic and taking it out of the lot for the first time, I let out the clutch and... nothing.. let it out some more and... nothing.. let it out a bit farther and stalled it because it engaged way close to the end of the throw. I just figured it was out of adjustment and after finding the sweet spot I rode it home, noticed this one was hydraulic, then after some searches find out there's no adjustment to make, but on the bright side this website popped up on my search and after reading about it, it was exactly the issue I wanted to resolve asap, and that it wasn't just my trike, and that I wasnt alone in my quest for a normal feeling clutch.
I did some more research and saw many different adjustable lever options, but each of these had the same critical flaw... they were ugly and didnt look Harley at all so with the info I gathered Icame back to Softbrake and placed my order. The new lever came in quickly along with a prepaud envalope to send back my original. It took me about 5 minutes to swap out the levers and then took a short test ride.
It felt so natural to me that there was no getting used to it, I was already used to it because it felt so much like my other bikes with their clutches adjusted perfectly.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a Harley with the hydrauluc clutch as your provlems will disappear immediately, and both your levers will look OEM.
I couldn't be happier with mine and will gladly do more business with Softbrake.

by John Nielsen on Soft Brake
Huge Improvement

Rick, I received and installed my extended brake pedal today. This is exactly what was missing from my 2020 Ultra Limited. Thanks for a great product! Wish I knew of your company years ago when I had my 2015 CVO Limited, suffered with that uncomfortable rear brake for 5 years.

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