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First and foremost, Softbrake is a family owned Business. All our parts are American made, right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

SoftBrake, Inc. started operations in January of 2000 in Norco, California and has steadily increased its product offering and customer satisfaction. Their primary products fit both custom or stock Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

A number of years ago, Rick and Debbie moved their business from California, north to the Idaho Wilderness to pursue a better lifestyle for their family and allow them to invest more in their business. This all-hands-on-deck operation employs them, their children, and their grand children – a truly industrious family if there ever was one.

Rick comes from a family of racers and riders. If you ever happen to make your way to Athol, Idaho ( named after a Scottish king ) or run into him at a show, he’ll bend your ear with any number of stories as he helps install a new Softbrake extension.

“Our mission is to excel in providing you the rider with the very finest quality parts available and make the SoftBrake name truely dependable and honest. By doing so we hope to gain your trust and satisfaction by continuing to produce our products and increase our offerings.” ~ Rick

If you only make one customization to your ride, make it a SoftBrake.

Debbie..just wanted you to know I received and installed the brake and shifter levers… They are awesome..!!!!
My son will be ordering soon, as well as a few guys at work… I’m spreading the good news about your products.. Jesse
Jesse Krewson

Purchased your SoftBrake at the bike EXPO in Phoenix. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with your xtra low lever. After trying two other manufacturers, your xtra low lever finally puts the brake pad where I want it. Not only does this give my foot more room and ease in braking, but it also soves my exhaust pipe problem and my highway peg problem. Thanks again. BA
Randy (Doc)

Just wanted to inform you that finally installed the brake lever and what a difference it has made! The biggest change to get used to is that do not have to lift the foot off of the foot board! Still getting use to the amount of travel until the brakes get applied but overall, glad that got it installed.
Ralph Hanes
Tom Warrelmann

Made in America • Family Owned • Guaranteed Craftsmanship

SoftBrake, Inc. Athol, ID 83801 208-561-5031

Email: Info@SoftBrake.com

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